November 7, 2022

JP Global Digital Announces Partnership with Z+F USA

The most accurate scans need the most accurate reality capture data software

by JP Global Digital Team

The United States branch of the laser scanner vendor Zoller+Fröhlich is now a JP Global Digital Partner! These two companies will now be able to collaborate and unite their forces to offer an end-to-end solution to the reality capture industry. 

The union comes from the idea to pair the best quality laser scanners with the best reality capture data software. If you invest in having the most accurate reality capture data, you’ll need powerful software that doesn’t decimate nor compromise said accuracy.  

“The intuitive interface on the front end and the convenient management of the back end, make JP Interactive Viewer a great tool to add value to your data.” - Juergen Mauer, CEO at Z+F USA

Z+F USA is dedicated to delivering German-developed quality products and services that enable companies in the automotive, aerospace, industrial controls, and marine sectors to achieve their goals with accurate digital documentation and certified connectivity.

“We are excited about this partnership. When we were a service company, we used Z+F workflows to develop our software. So it is truly an honor to be part of Z+F vision of building a reality capture ecosystem.” - Elizabeth Coronado, Co-founder and Head of Marketing at JP Global Digital 

JP Global Digital is developing software solutions as an answer to the challenges presented by reality data capture management. JP Interactive Viewer is a web-based, user-friendly, and collaborative platform for managing Point Clouds, BIM models, and 360 images.

Z+F and JP Global Digital recently came together for a Geo Week webinar, 
Improving Point Cloud Delivery to Maximize ROI 

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