Improving Point Cloud Delivery to Maximize ROI

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Do you still have your 3D data hanging in hard drives? 3D data is not meant to be left hanging, forgotten, or unused. You can drive higher ROI with new workflows, bringing all your 3D data together and creating clients' deliverables that drive collaboration.

In this panel discussion, you will not only learn a new delivery method that is both cost-effective and fast but also how you can further use your 3D data. Big industrial players like Hargrove and UAS will show you the different levels and tiers of 3D data using one platform in simple steps. Register for this webinar and get the most value from these industry experts as they share their experience and knowledge on 3D data management.


Mike Isernio
VP of Sales, JP Global Digital

Argenis Pelayo
Product Manager, JP Global Digital

Adam Driggers
Director of Surveying and Scanning Services, Hargrove   

Juergen Mauer