June 26, 2024

SkyFi Announces Partnership with GalaxEye Space to Integrate Multi Sensor Imagery


Austin, Texas – June 25, 2024, GalaxEye Space, a space-tech startup at the forefront of multi-sensor imaging satellites, is pleased to announce its partnership with SkyFi, a leading platform that simplifies access to Earth observation imagery and empowers users with powerful analytics tools. This unique collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the industry, solidifying a formal agreement well ahead of GalaxEye's inaugural satellite launch signifying a great leap forward in providing access to high-resolution, multi-sensor data and creating a deeper understanding of our planet's ever-changing landscapes. 

GalaxEye's technology equips satellites with both Synthetic Aperture Radar (X-band) and Optical/Multispectral Imaging (MSI) capabilities. This approach allows simultaneous collection of diverse data sets, providing insights regardless of weather conditions. Their maiden satellite launch is scheduled for Q3 2024, which will feature a 2-meter resolution. This launch will pave the way for four other advanced satellites in 2025, aiming to achieve sub-1 meter resolution and daily revisits of any location on Earth.

At GalaxEye, we're passionate about pushing the boundaries of Earth observation. This partnership with SkyFi is a game-changer. By combining our advanced multi-sensor technology with their user-friendly platform, we transform decision-making for businesses and governments globally. This integration provides insights under any weather conditions and aligns with the 'Make in India for the World' initiative, strengthening India's prominence in space technology.” said Suyash Singh, Co-founder and CEO of GalaxEye Space. 

"We are excited to partner with GalaxEye and bring their new age multi-sensor imaging satellite capabilities into our platform," said Luke Fischer, CEO of SkyFi. "This partnership not only expands our capabilities but also aligns with our mission to make satellite imagery more accessible and useful for everyone. The simultaneous SAR and Optical imaging will provide useful information to end-users, allowing us to meet and exceed our customers' expectations with even more detailed and frequent observations of the Earth."

The inclusion of GalaxEye's technology in SkyFi's platform will improve the range and quality of earth observation data available to the users. This partnership supports SkyFi’s advancements as the world’s geospatial hub.

Source: SkyFi


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