February 7, 2024

SkyFi Integrates PlanetScope® for Enhanced Geospatial Accessibility


In a move to further streamline Earth observation data acquisition, SkyFi proudly announces the integration of PlanetScope satellite data into its robust marketplace. This collaboration between SkyFi and Planet Labs PBC (NYSE: PL), a leading provider of daily data and insights about Earth, simplifies the data acquisition process, allowing users to purchase high-frequency, global satellite imagery directly through SkyFi’s web and mobile apps.

SkyFi and Planet: A Symbiotic Relationship

SkyFi is excited to announce its groundbreaking partnership with Planet, a pioneer in satellite technology. This agreement represents a significant milestone in the Earth observation industry, offering unmatched access to Planet’s high-quality PlanetScope data, consisting of satellite imagery captured at a near-daily cadence, through SkyFi's intuitive user interfaces. “SkyFi’s integration of PlanetScope is a testament to our commitment to democratizing advanced Earth observation technologies. Together with Planet, we are reshaping how geospatial data is purchased and utilized, empowering customers across diverse sectors to make informed decisions with ease,” says Luke Fischer, SkyFi’s Co-Founder and CEO.

SkyFi's integration of PlanetScope marks a significant step in making advanced Earth observation technologies more accessible. PlanetScope, a 3 meter resolution, multispectral dataset, will provide SkyFi customers with near-daily remapping of the entire globe. This partnership enables users to more easily explore a wider range of data, beneficial for various enterprise applications, such as agriculture, environmental monitoring, and urban planning.

Enhanced Data Access and Simplified Purchasing

SkyFi's partnership with Planet marks a paradigm shift in obtaining and utilizing Earth observation data. The integration of PlanetScope imagery into SkyFi’s user-friendly platform simplifies the acquisition of satellite imagery, allowing customers to make direct, transparent purchases without the need for complex sales processes. The union of SkyFi's platform and Planet’s robust satellite data and services embodies a user-centric approach, ensuring equal and simplified connectivity to the transformative power of satellite imagery.

A Commitment to a Better Future

SkyFi and Planet are united in their mission to offer cutting-edge solutions that address real-world challenges. By providing straightforward access to high-quality Earth observation data, this partnership is set to empower users to make a positive impact on the world.

For more information about SkyFi and its integration of PlanetScope, please visit planet.skyfi.com

Source: SkyFi

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