September 12, 2023

Safe Site Check In adds new project onboarding features

The company continues to add to its platform as the construction industry moves away from paper and towards digitalization.

Safe Site Check In is a California-based company looking to help construction firms as these companies undergo an industry-wide shift from tedious paper-based work towards going digital, with the company focusing on worker-related tasks like jobsite entry, safety screening, daily logs, and more. Late last month, the company announced a series of new project onboarding features that they say make “jobsite management even more productive, safer, and secure.”

Specifically, the company points toward six new onboarding features they are adding in their latest updates, as taken from the press release from the news.

  • "Project OnboardingOnboard all workers – employees, subcontractors, anyone – quickly and create a personal QR badge for phone or print. Capture worker identity, licenses, certs, employer, whatever you need.

  • Badge scanning: Workers can check in and out ever faster using any tablet or phone, with or without screening questions, using their phone or printed badges, just like boarding an airplane.

  • Visitor Management: Visitors can scan jobsite posters, agree to jobsite waivers, view safety training, receive a badge, and notify supers – all self-service.

  • Daily Log Automation: Manpower and visitor data is captured and securely cloud stored. Weekly jobsite reports distributed via email, reports available 7x24. Validate hourly pay and invoicing claims.

  • Integration with Construction Management Systems: No more manpower, visitor and observation data entry. CMS customers can save a full FTE or more and reduce bid overhead fees on every sizable project.

  • Safety & Security Enhanced: Verify attendance, confirm safety requirements, record tool talk attendance, distribute hazmat data sheets, jobsite broadcasts. Supervisors can verify badges and be notified of any attendance issues.”

In addition to these additional features, Safe Site Check In also announced pricing changes for compliance data storage as well as news that they will provide customers fixed price discounts when they commit to an entire project from inception. Per the company website, their baseline pricing today stands at $109 per month per active site for a standard subscription while an advanced subscription – which includes things like integration with some construction software platforms, jobsite access controls, geofencing and location validation, and more – stands at $159 per month per active site. Each subscription also carries a $10 per month cloud data storage fee per inactive site.

“Lean, agile collaboration with our customers means we deliver the greatest business value for the price of any jobsite management solution,” said David Brian Ward, CEO, in a press statement. “Our new badging and onboarding features are welcomed by larger ground-up projects in particular. Which makes sense because more workers mean more savings when you use Safe Site Check In. And jobsite data will be essential for tomorrow’s AI productivity gains.”

As mentioned above, the construction industry is going through a high-profile shift towards digitalization, something that is taking place in all phases of industry businesses. A lot of the focus here, of course, is on things like shifting from paper models to BIM, which saves significant time and money. But some of the “smaller” processes shifting from paper or physical to digital can provide massive ROI as well. 

For example, Safe Site Check In says they’ve confirmed savings of $2.00 or more per check-in, and also claim that “most” of their customers will achieve full ROI on their first project. The exact numbers are less important, though, than the reality that, as construction continues to grapple with lower efficiency, greater workload, and a shrinking workforce, digitalization in any form is necessary. The company has embraced that reality, including recent integrations with Procore and new jobsite observation capabilities.

In a press statement, Safe Site Check In Head of Product and co-founder Tom Tortolani said, “We continue to evolve the Safe Site Check In platform based on customer feedback to accelerate construction’s digital transformation. Digital badging is a game-changer for all our customers in all industries. Within construction, we are seeing increased demand when they use a CMS like Procore or Autodesk Built as the foundation of their digital strategy.”

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