March 14, 2023

Safe Site Check In announces to Jobsite Observations feature

The new feature further digitizes traditionally tedious and cumbersome processes.

Construction jobsites can be extremely complex places, both for the obvious reasons around the actual construction process, and also because of the many different groups often on-site at the same time between general contractors, supervisors, workers, subcontractors, and more. This complexity, along with the industry’s reputation for a lack of technological adoption, can lead to confusion, and ultimately delays and budget overtures. In an attempt to counteract some of these instances of miscommunication and other issues, Safe Site Check In recently launched their newest tool, the Jobsite Observations feature, to add to their construction jobsite management software platform. This newest addition allows all stakeholders on a site, including one-day visitors, access to what can be described as a single source of truth for the project’s management.

With this new addition to the Safe Site Check In platform, stakeholders will be able to add things like notes, photos, videos, and attachments within a digital solution to document conditions and progress on the jobsite. Furthermore, the Jobsite Observations feature further adds to the integration with Procore announced last year, as these observations and logs can be added to Procore Daily Log notes. According to the company’s release on this newest addition, by having the detailed notes and progress reports of a jobsite, supervisors for a project can realize a cost savings of $2.50 per check in. 

This new feature should, in theory, address some of the problems alluded to above and issues that affect those on job sites every day. It’s certainly not the most eye-catching type of technological innovation for the construction industry, as things like autonomous machines as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) tools typically generate bigger headlines. Still, there’s no denying that contractors will gain plenty from having this type of platform, with two real areas of gain.

The first is simply saving time. One of the big overarching concerns in the construction industry today is the shortage of worker, and while automated hardware will be a big part of working around those issues, tools that can partially or completely automate and/or digitize tedious tasks frees up workers for other, more important jobs. For example, rather than a supervisor having to walk around a site on a daily basis to check on the progress of every project, this single source of truth will have all of that information being input in real-time by those at those sites.

In addition to that, the Jobsite Observations feature should additionally ensure better and more effective communication between stakeholders. We know that one of the major issues that the industry faces on a regular basis is a lack of real-time communication between different people involved in a project, which can ultimately lead to clashes and delays. By having all of this information being put into a single place throughout a project, supervisors and owners of the project will have the information they need at all times to make important decision and better plan out how the course of the job will go. That certainly doesn’t mean issues won’t pop up, but this should both reduce those occurrences and give more crucial information to address problems when they do arise.

This is the latest feature for Safe Site Check In, which specializes in these kinds of clerical solutions for a construction site. The app also offers a QR-code check-in process for workers on a site so managers know who is on site at any given time, with the app also allowing workers to provide progress reports on their specific tasks. The app also provides a space for workers to update things like vaccinations and certifications, speeding up what is another one of these important but tedious jobs, traditionally done on pen and paper with physical reports.

On this newest addition to the company’s solution, Safe Site Check In CEO David Ward said in a press statement, “We continue to evolve the Safe Site Check In platform based on customer feedback and our own analysis of how to accelerate construction’s digital transformation. With these new observations and further integration with Procore, we’re confident Safe Site Check In will become as ubiquitous as hammers on jobsites.”

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