August 25, 2011

Woolpert upgrades to Lynx M1


First to make the leap in North America

DAYTON, Ohio – Woolpert announced this week it has upgraded its LYNX Mobile Mapping System (MMS) to the Lynx Mobile Mapper M1.

Optech launched the LYNX M1 upgrade in September 2010, with Woolpert being the first North American surveying and engineering firm to upgrade its MMS to the LYNX M1, according to a press release. The M1 collects one million points per second, which will support Woolpert’s remote sensing capabilities.

“The mobile LiDAR market has seen significant growth over the past year, and Woolpert is committed to maintaining the most advanced mobile mapping technology to remain the leader in that market,” said Jeff Lovin, Woolpert senior vice president and director of geospatial services, in a statement. “Since our initial purchase of the LYNX MMS in 2009, we have been extremely pleased with the technology and we are excited to take our remote sensing capabilities to the next level through this upgrade.”

The LYNX M1 includes a Real-Time Point Cloud (RTPC) interface, an on-the-fly tool to see the swath of data being collected for field verification. Woolpert’s MMS will also collect imagery from four cameras that can be positioned to acquire imagery from various angles respective to the type of deliverable required, acccording to the release.

Woolpert has partnered with Optech for LiDAR technology over the past 13 years and purchased its first airborne LiDAR system from Optech in 1998.

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