September 30, 2014

Tupras deploys AVEVA Integrated Engineering and Design solutions across national refineries


Turkey’s primary oil & gas operator makes a strategic investment in AVEVA E3D, schematic, and laser data software

Instanbul, Turkey – 29 September 2014: Today AVEVA announced that Tupras, Turkey’s largest Owner Operator in the oil & gas industry, is investing extensively in AVEVA software technology following an intensive evaluation process.  AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D), together with AVEVA Diagrams, AVEVA Electrical and AVEVA’s laser scanning solutions will play a key role in  a major brownfield revamp programme.

Tupras’ ambitious project aims to maximise production, increase safety and extend the life of its four refineries.  The AVEVA laser data software will be used to capture the existing assets and new, as-built design documents will be created with AVEVA E3D and a range of schematic products.  The Integrated Engineering & Design approach will help Tupras to meet revamp/modfication project schedules while dramatically improving quality.

‘We chose AVEVA for a number of reasons,’ explained M. Murat Kalkanli, Projects and Investments Director, Tupras. ‘The proof of concept demonstrations gave us confidence that the technology lived up to its reputation as the industry standard.  It was also important to find a tightly integrated engineering and design solution that was open enough to work with our existing software and that of our engineering contractors. Additionally, AVEVA’s engineering and design software is widely used across the oil and gas sector, making collaboration between in-house teams and partners seamless, even across global teams.  Finally, their local sales, scanning partners and technical team provided great service, working closely with us on-site, to ensure that our requirements can be fully met.’

‘Tupras are being very forward thinking with this project and we are proud to be a part of it,’ Dave Wheeldon,CTO and Head of Engineering and Design Systems, AVEVA. ‘They are creating an accurate digital asset that directly reflects their physical asset.  This will be invaluable for their revamp activities, but also for years to come as part of operations and maintenance.  This Digital Asset vision is hugely compelling for our customers and is helping EPCs and Owner Operators around the world better manage their projects and improve operational reliability.’

All AVEVA’s solutions are developed on the principle that for every physical asset there must be a corresponding digital asset.  By focusing on digital asset integrity AVEVA ensures its customers’ have the right information, at the right time so they can master change in an ever shifting information environment.

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