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October 13, 2023

Trimble’s Latest GNSS Receiver Provides Dependable Survey-Level Accuracy

The R580 is Trimble’s latest addition to its ProPoint GNSS-enabled receivers and guarantees high-accuracy reliable positioning in the field for geospatial applications.
Image via Trimble

Reliable and accurate point measuring under challenging environments such as under tree canopies or near buildings is now possible with the latest Trimble GNSS receiver, the Trimble R580. This integrated GNSS system, which combines a GNSS receiver and antenna, is meant for geospatial applications for a variety of user groups, including professionals in surveying, mapping, GIS, civil construction and utilities. The receiver has a maximum precision of 10mm (H) and 20mm (V) and Centerpoint RTX precision of 2cm (H) and 5cm (V).

ProPoint Engine, EVERUST Plus and Maxwell 7 technology

The R580 is Trimble’s next-generation in its portfolio of Trimble ProPoint GNSS engine-enabled receivers. Trimble’s ProPoint GNSS engine is a positioning engine that provides position and orientation data from the fusion of GNSS signals, globally accessible high-accuracy correction services, and measurement data from a variety of sensors. Additionally, the ProPoint engine leverages the latest developments in GNSS signal infrastructure and Trimble’s high-precision receiver hardware to deliver improved positioning performance in challenging environments. It also contains dynamic models of specific application movements allowing it to filter out unexpected dynamic movements for improved accuracy.

The R580 includes Trimble EVEREST Plus Technology for identifying and removing unwanted multipath signals for improved accuracy and data confidence. The receiver also includes Trimble Maxwell 7 chipset technology, to provide fast processing, anti-spoofing capability and the ability to track all available GNSS constellations, resulting in higher satellite availability for robust positioning in a wider range of environments.

Field-to-office workflow

The R580 supports Trimble RTX correction services for RTK-level precision without the use of a local base station or VRS network wherever correction sources are available. The receiver can be paired with all current mobile devices on a variety of operating systems and platforms, from a Trimble handheld or controller to a modern smartphone or tablet. It can also be mounted on a pole, vehicle, or backpack. With software solutions such as Trimble Access and Trimble TerraFlex field software, the Trimble R580 enables collecting and communicating information as part of a professional-grade field-to-office workflow.

Trimble published an online spec sheet and overview table which makes it easy to compare the features of the different integrated GNSS systems, such as the Trimble R12,R12i and R2 . The new receiver will be on display at INTERGEO, October 10-12, 2023, in Berlin, Germany.

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