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September 2, 2020

Trimble announces the R12i GNSS with groundbreaking IMU-based tilt compensation


Following in the footsteps of its R12 GNSS system launched last year, Trimble has added a new receiver – the R12i – to its Global Navigation Satellite System portfolio. The R12i has a pair of key features that make it stand out – including a powerful proprietary tilt compensation capability.

The Trimble R12i incorporates Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)-based tilt compensation using Trimble TIP™ technology, which enables points to be measured or staked out while the survey rod is tilted, empowering land surveyors to focus on the job at hand and complete work faster and more accurately. Chris Trevillian, Director of Product Management at Trimble Geospatial, says that this is a game-changing enhancement.

The Trimble TIP technology allows users to accurately mark and measure points in areas previously inaccessible for GNSS rovers such as building corners, or in hazardous situations, for example the edge of an open excavation.

“What this means is that a survey professional can now measure and stakeout points, without having to level, and we designed the system so that It can really easily be picked up by any of our existing customers.”

The IMU-based tilt compensation capability of the Trimble R12i builds on Trimble’s ProPoint™ GNSS positioning engine, which delivers better performance in “challenging environments” compared to the Trimble R10-2 receiver.

In head-to-head testing with the Trimble R10-2 in challenging GNSS environments such as near and among trees, and built environments, the Trimble R12i receiver performed at least 30% better across a variety of factors, including time to achieve survey precision levels, position accuracy and measurement reliability.

The receiver operates calibration-free out of the box and is resistant to magnetic interference from sources such as cars or electrical utility boxes. The R12i also features real-time automatic Inertial Navigation System (INS) integrity monitoring. This system allows users to detect and correct for IMU biases introduced by use over time, temperature or physical shocks helping ensure measurement quality and integrity for the life of the receiver.

“The R12i represents Trimble’s dedication to perfecting the user experience with the industry’s best GNSS engine and now robust tilt compensation,” said Ron Bisio, senior vice president of Trimble Geospatial.

“Trimble has been the leader in GNSS technology for more than 30 years and the R12i demonstrates our continued commitment to providing surveyors with the world’s most advanced and trusted GNSS systems.”

The Trimble R12i GNSS System is available now through Trimble’s Geospatial distribution channel. For more information, visit:

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