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April 25, 2013

Smallest, full-function laser scanner used to lure bigger business


Tenn. surveying firm buys FARO Focus3d to sell more BIM services

Faster scan times give surveyors the potential to reach more locations within multi-site and larger projects. That’s one reason Coast 2 Coast Surveys recently purchased the smallest full-function laser scanner ever built.

Chattanooga, Tenn.-based C2C is a producer of facility documentation and as-built and BIM services to help architects, engineers, builders, sign manufacturers and project management firms manage the total lifecycle of facilities.

Formed in 1998, C2C uses laser scanners to create 3D as-built surveys and assessments to give design professionals, contractors and owners the information they need to operate and maintain their facilities with optimum efficiency and return on investment.

C2C bought a FARO Focus3d laser scanner to capture data on difficult to reach areas that may be inaccessible with manual surveying. The company plans to leverage its laser scanner experience with new video building modeling capabilities to offer more documentation.

The 11-pound Focus3d scanner has been applied in a wide range of fields, from crime scene analysis to 3D CGI modeling, providing high-quality target acquisition in addition to the quicker scan times, which in turn provides faster results.

C2C supplements facility management tools with RFID technology to boost asset tracking and workflow management.

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