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June 2, 2021

Scanning the human body accurately, safely and quickly

It may not be long until you can have a highly accurate digital twin - of yourself.

3D scanning has found myriad uses across industries - everything from preserving historical artifacts to assessing earthquake damage to recreating real-world spaces in-game environments. As 3D scanning technology improves, these use cases continue to broaden. One less commonly discussed use for this technology is a little less structural and more biological: scanning the human body. 

TechMed 3D is a provider of software measuring solutions specifically designed for scanning the human body. They have recently announced a collaboration with 3D scanning research and development company SHINING 3D to further their pursuit of user-friendly (and safe) methods for human body scanning.

Since its foundation in 2004, SHINING 3D has been pioneering in independent research and development of technologies for 3D digitization, inspection and digital dentistry; SHINING 3D holds over 300 patents and more than 100 copyrights in these areas. One of these products is the EinScan H, a handheld 3D scanner priced at $5,000 that uses white light technology to ensure eye safety.

This scanner, when combined with TechMed 3D’s MSoft software, can provide an all-in-one solution to facilitate the scanning of body parts. The combination can be used to 3D scan all body parts, including the head, in a safe manner. The portable scanner weighs only 703 grams and is easy to operate for clinicians at any level of 3D scanning expertise, including first-time scanner users.

With this solution, clinicians can easily and quickly obtain ready-to-use files to modify, carve, 3D print, design and fit. Using the software with the EinScan H allows clinicians to see what they are scanning in real-time directly in MSoft due to the built-in camera on the scanner. This is key to helping their existing customers, says Rebecca Khoo, Product Manager for EinScan.

"We are excited that, together with TechMed, we are now able to offer an all-in-one body scanning solution for medical applications. For us, working with proven software partners not only is enriching the potential of our 3D scanners but far more helping our customers to continually progress in their 3D digitizing endeavors. "

The scanner is also configured to include a specific Body Scan Mode setting which is tailored for orthotics and prosthetics applications. This mode offers high movement tolerance and its alignment algorithm is set to process non-rigid objects.

For TechMed 3D and SHINING 3D, both companies hope this collaboration will create a powerful tool for professionals worldwide who are ready to make the switch to 3D digitization.

While the market that TechMed 3D and SHINING 3D has focused on includes dentistry, orthotics and prosthetics, there are many other applications that may await this solution, including non-medical industries like fashion, health and fitness, and other consumer product development that depends on human body shapes and comfort. 

It is also possible to envision applications that would allow 3D models of patients to be shared with doctors who are remote to a person for their expert analysis and assessment. As partnerships and technologies like this continue to develop, it may not be long until you can have your own precise digital twin - of yourself. 

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