January 11, 2024

Ricoh, Cupix announce new strategic partnership

The new collaboration integrates Cupix products with Ricoh's THETA X.

Prior to the end of last calendar year, Ricoh Company announced a new strategic partnership with Cupix. As a result of this new collaboration, the RICOH THETA X, the former’s latest 360-degree camera, is fully integrated an supported with CupixWorks and CupixVista, which they say offers “unparalleled 3D spatial digital twin imaging solutions to built-world professionals.”

They continue to say in their announcement of the news, “The outcome of this partnership has led to the deployment of RICOH THETA X 360-degree cameras as an everyday 4D as-built documentation device, perfectly tailored to meet the changing needs of the built-world industries. By harnessing the synergies between Ricoh cameras and Cupix's hardware, software, and services, enterprises can anticipate a user-friendly digital twin solution, even for megaprojects.”

Simon Bae, CEO of Cupix, said in a statement, "We're thrilled to join forces with Ricoh. This partnership is more than just an integration; Ricoh's commitment to delivering enterprise-grade B2B solutions for industries in the built-world aligns perfectly with Cupix's future vision. Utilizing the advanced features of the RICOH THETA X, including its built-in GPS, this integrated solution can provide unparalleled visual clarity, data analytics, and insights–even for large-scale infrastructure projects. This marks just the start of our collaborative achievements."

CupixWorks, which joined Bentley’s iTwin program last year, is one of Cupix’s flagship offerings, working to turn reality capture data from static laser scanners, 360-cameras, mobile mapping systems, and more into 3D digital twins. CupixVista, meanwhile, utilizes artificial intelligence to convert footage from 360-degree videos into interactive 3D maps for virtual tours. Each of the solutions is used by property managers and project leads, providing virtual tours of spaces and enabling remote collaboration between stakeholders during construction projects.

The THETA X, meanwhile, is Ricoh’s latest 360-degree camera option. It was designed for ease of use from anyone, in part due to its LCD touch panel which enables users to check images right after taking them rather than having to go back to the office first. Crucially, the camera also includes build-in GPS to ensure correct location data is being built into the images, something that is particularly important for construction projects who are using these images and virtual tours to check their work and collaborate remotely.

"Since launching the world's first consumer-oriented 360-degree camera in 2013, Ricoh has led the industry in the development of 360-degree imaging technology that helps streamline and digitize workflows for a range of industries, including construction," said Akio Inaba, General Manager of Smart Vision Business Center, Ricoh Futures BU, Ricoh Company, Ltd. "We are excited to partner with Cupix, a strong leader in Digital Transformation (DX) for the construction industry, to continue providing innovative solutions for this market."

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