July 8, 2024

Expanding its Global Reach, NUVIEW Announces Multi-Million Distribution Agreement with PCI, PCI India To Reach New Customers

Business momentum includes millions signed in reseller agreements over the last several months

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (July 3, 2024)NUVIEW, a leading Earth Observation and geospatial technology company building the world's first commercial LiDAR satellite constellation, announced today that it has entered into a multi-milliondollar distribution agreement with PCI Software Pvt. Ltd., India (PCI India), a leading provider of Geospatial, Engineering, and Information Technology solutions. 

With a history spanning almost three decades, PCI India has consistently pushed the boundaries of geospatial solutions in India. Since PCI India’s inception, the company has remained steadfast in its mission of supplying customers across Southeast Asia with the latest and most advanced geospatial products. By partnering with cutting-edge geospatial solutions like NUVIEW and embracing innovation, PCI India has established a reputation for excellence and reliability within the industry. Together, PCI India and NUVIEW will continue bringing first-mover technology to its growing customer base. Specifically, PCI India sees an opportunity to partner with NUVIEW to provide customers with integrated services in telecommunications, transportation, and smart cities.

Mr. Palash Das, Director of PCI, stated, “We are so excited about this partnership as we can now offer our Indian customers the most accurate LiDAR Point Cloud data set depicting Earth’s surface and objects. With NUVIEW’s help, we look forward to bringing value to Southeast Asia's rapidly growing geospatial market.”  

“This partnership is exciting for NUVIEW, positioning us at the forefront of global geospatial Earth measurement. PCI India's services, ranging from telecommunications to smart cities, showcase the versatility of LiDAR technology, and we're excited for the future," said Clint Graumann, CEO of NUVIEW.

Since exiting stealth just over a year ago, NUVIEW has announced several accolades, including being named Geospatial Innovator of the Year at the Geospatial World Forum, one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023, acquiring analytics platform Astraea Inc., earning a $2.75M National Security Innovation Capital (NSIC) contract from the U.S. Department of Defense and securing investment capital from Leonardo DiCaprio. They’ve recently announced reseller agreements with MySpatial, Arlula, Marvich, and Pacific Geomatics. 



Based in Lake Nona, Florida, NUVIEW is building the world's first commercial LiDAR satellite constellation to provide a continuously updated global 3D point cloud from space to solve the most challenging scientific, environmental and commercial problems. As a first-mover company, NUVIEW is pioneering satellite, sensor and software technology to produce high-quality, accurate data with endless application potential for industries including environmental science, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry and archaeology. With a team that has practical and proven experience in building commercial success at a global scale with industry and government, as well as distribution partners, NUVIEW brings a unique combination of technical expertise, demonstrated market success and operational expertise to the industry. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and learn more at nuview.space


PCI specializes in providing excellent Geo-IT solutions from state-of-the-art software, project consultancy, system design, systems integration to deployment and training. PCI offers integrated sales & services in the areas of geospatial, engineering & construction, mining, agriculture, utilities & energy, environmental & natural resources, defense & intelligence, urban & regional planning, telecommunications, transportation and smart cities. PCI has alliances with the leading manufacturers across the globe to provide innovative products and solutions with 100% client satisfaction. Since 1995, we at PCI have been serving businesses of all sizes, unlocking customer demands and earning their trust as a reliable geospatial solutions provider who makes sure the product works and users are comfortable and conversant with the latest geospatial technology.

Source: NUVIEW


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