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May 20, 2024

NUVIEW Named Innovator of the Year at Geospatial World Forum


NUVIEW, a leading Earth measurement technology company building the world's first commercial LiDAR satellite constellation, has been named Geospatial Innovator of the Year at the Geospatial World Forum held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The selection was made unanimously by a global jury representing the entire ecosystem. This award recognizes NUVIEW’s remarkable advancement and groundbreaking innovation in the field of Earth observation. 

NUVIEW was honored at the annual Geospatial Leadership Awards Gala at the Geospatial World Forum on May 14. These awards aim to acknowledge exceptional leadership, innovation, and transformation efforts made by individuals and organizations in the geospatial industry. Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Katie Graumann was in attendance at the event to accept the award on NUVIEW’s behalf.

“It is an honor to be acknowledged at the Geospatial World Forum by the elite professionals from our industry as the 2024 Innovator of the Year,” Graumann said. “This award acknowledges the diligent efforts of the entire NUVIEW team and furthers our dedication to innovate a revolutionary LiDAR technology that overcomes limitations of traditional satellite imagery. We look forward to continuing on our pursuit to build a LiDAR system that will help solve some of the most pressing scientific, environmental, and commercial problems in ways that were previously unachievable. We’re proving that impossible is only a moment in time.” 

The awards were drawn from open nominations and selected by a jury panel chaired by Dr. Greg Scott (Australia), Director, SDG Data Alliance; and members includes Raj Alla (India), CEO, IIC Technologies; Dr. Saad Alhamlan (Saudi Arabia), CEO, Gravy Analytics; Willy Govender (South Africa), CEO, Terra Group; Sallie Payne (Belgium), Secretary General, Euro Geographics; Dr. Nadine Alameh (USA), Director, Taylor Geospatial Institute; and Paloma Merodio (Mexico), Vice President, INEGI. 

“NUVIEW has swiftly emerged as a trailblazer within the Earth observation industry,” said Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Geospatial World. “NUVIEW’s mission to provide unparalleled global data for informed decision-making surpasses the limitations of traditional methods. Their pioneering initiatives have garnered widespread recognition and solidified them as a company which is changing what’s possible to know about the world.” 


Based in Lake Nona, Florida, NUVIEW is building the world's first commercial LiDAR satellite constellation to provide a continuously updated global 3D point cloud from space to solve the most challenging scientific, environmental, and commercial problems. As a first-mover company, NUVIEW is pioneering satellite, sensor, and software technology to produce high-quality, accurate data with endless application potential for industries including environmental science, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, and defense. With a team that has practical and proven experience in building commercial success at a global scale with industry and government, as well as distribution partners, NUVIEW brings a unique combination of technical expertise, demonstrated market success, and operational expertise to the industry. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and learn more at

Source: NUVIEW

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