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October 6, 2021

Matterport expands scanning-as-a-service

Matterport adds 13 U.S. cities to their capture service area as businesses embrace the value of digital twins.

Reality capture company Matterport has several distinct but related business areas, including a scanning-as-a-service known as Matterport Capture Services. Capture Services On-Demand can be used to create a 3D digital twin of any specified property, carried out by trained and certified Capture Technicians within a 35-mile radius of a supported city. Matterport has recently announced the expansion of Matterport Capture Services On-Demand to an additional 13 U.S. cities to accommodate the increase in requests by companies wanting to digitize their spaces.

As the use cases for digital twins continue to expand, the demand for creating them is beginning to increase. For Matterport, the solution has always been two fold: either to create the means to capture those spaces in user-friendly ways (such as the Capture app and Pro2 3D camera), or to send a professional to do the capturing. For some companies who may not want to invest in their own equipment or training, Capture Services can be a novel solution for them.

Equipped with Matterport’s capture solutions, technicians can capture the space and transform it into an immersive and precise 3D deliverable for their customer. The resulting “digital twin” is delivered to the customer’s account to access, manage and share. 

Expanding reality capture’s use cases

Digital twins are changing how buildings are designed, built, promoted, and managed online across a variety of industries, including travel and hospitality, real estate, retail and education. While we tend to see digital twins discussed primarily in the AEC and facility management sphere, other markets are contributing to the demand.

“We needed to digitize our 30,000 square foot campus for virtual tours during COVID. Capture Services On-Demand was a quick and convenient way to find a local, highly skilled Matterport Capture Technician to complete the project in an efficient and cost-effective way,” said Alicia Camacho, Director of Digital Marketing and Creative Strategy, Echo Horizon School. 

“The 3D digital twin also serves as an amazing marketing tool for the school. Prospective families can now tour the campus virtually, drastically reducing the number of in-person walk-throughs.”

Matterport has seen strong growth since its public launch in May, including reporting repeat orders from customers who have come to rely on Capture Services as part of their business operations. With this expansion, Matterport has boosted coverage to a total of 80 major cities across the country and four cities in the United Kingdom.

“The growing momentum for Capture Services On-Demand demonstrates the value of the offering and the trust businesses have in it,” said Brendan Dowdle, General Manager of Matterport Capture Services. 

“Most of our customers are submitting multiple orders, which tells us that we are effectively supporting their needs with the on-call convenience and expertise of professional Capture Technicians. Our Capture Technicians take great pride in serving local businesses and with today’s expansion, we can provide coverage to even more customers across the U.S. and the U.K.”

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