April 10, 2023

Innovusion Wins Award 2023 for Falcon Lidar

Innovusion, a provider of high-performance lidar systems for autonomous vehicles and smart transportation, has won the Tech.AD Europe Award 2023 in the Perception & Sensing category for its Falcon lidar.

Tech.AD Europe, a yearly two-day event that takes place in Germany, is a renowned annual automotive technology conference that brings together industry members to share insights, innovations, and solutions for the future of mobility and autonomous driving. The Tech.AD Europe Award recognizes significant achievements in the automotive industry, and Innovusion's Falcon received an award in the Perception & Sensing category. 

Innovusion designs, builds, and mass produces lidar systems. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has additional facilities in Suzhou and Shanghai. Its main focus is on developing long-range image-grade lidar and autonomous driving solutions. Since its founding in 2016, Innovusion has swiftly advanced lidar technology for the automotive OEM sector. Falcon lidars are standard equipment for NIO's electric vehicles ET7, EL7 and ET5, and are also used in renowned smart transportation, infrastructure and railway projects.

Falcon sensor capabilities

Falcon's capabilities make it a good fit for autonomous driving, detecting objects at distances up to 500 meters and dark objects with 10% reflectance up to 250 meters. The system produces 1,500 configurable scan lines per second, creating an image-like 3D point cloud that allows for greater confidence in detecting and classifying objects. Engineered to be highly resistant to interference such as sunlight, Falcon provides added security for autonomous driving applications. The sensor is automotive certified, meets environmental and reliability standards, and is designed with a streamlined manufacturing process to drive down costs. 

Broader industry recognition

Innovusion’s long-range Falcon lidar also was recently honored with the 2023 CES Innovation Award, a recognition by the Consumer Technology Association for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. By the end of 2022, Innovusion delivered more than 50,000 image-grade long-range Falcon lidar units for production vehicles, which is the highest delivery volume of any lidar manufacturer in the world, while this year the company expects to achieve a production capacity of over 300,000 per year. The company claims that it is the only lidar solution provider with a complete product portfolio with long-range front view and mid-to-short-range side view lidars.

Robin lidar sensor

In addition to the long-range Falcon lidar, Innovusion’s lidar portfolio includes the mid-to-short range Robin lidar. Robin can detect objects of 10% reflectivity up to 180 meters away with 90% POD under 100K LUX, has a horizontal field of view of up to 140° and a vertical field of view of up to 90°. Its resolution reaches 0.2 x 0.2°. As an ideal lidar for the side view of a vehicle, it can be integrated into side fenders, headlights, rear lights, or bumpers, and used for highway lane changing, traffic merging, unprotected intersection turning, roundabout driving, and urban cruising.

The German award ceremony took place at the end of the first day of the Tech.AD Europe conference. Winners of the different categories were celebrated with a short video presentation showcasing their groundbreaking projects, followed by trophy and certificate presentations, photos, and recognition of their achievements. In 2022, the winner in the Sensor Perception category was won by Arbe’s Phoenix Perception Radar, and the second place for AEye’s 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform.

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