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November 28, 2012

Geomagic announces Spark: ‘Game-changing 3D scan-in-CAD capabilities’


FRANKFURT, Germany – Here at EuroMold 2012, Geomagic announced its news software product: Spark, what it’s calling “the only 3D software that combines a live 3D scanning interface, robust 3D point and mesh editing capabilities, comprehensive modeling design, assembly modeling, and 2D drawing creation in one complete application.”

According to a press release, Spark integrates Geomagic’s long-developed abilities in handling scan data with the direct modeling capabilities of the SpaceClaim platform. “Now, users can create accurate, manufacturable solid models and assemblies using combined scan and CAD data in the same application within minutes, even with partial scan data,” the release claims.

Geomagic Spark has been designed, the release said, for engineers and manufacturers who design in 3D from existing objects or those that need to finish or modify scanned parts. With Spark, companies in the automotive, electronics, industrial design, consumer goods, tooling and aerospace industries can facilitate better communication between engineering teams, simplify design processes, and increase reliability in scan-to-CAD operations, according to the release.

You can see a demonstration of the product here:


“We at Creaform think that this is a move in the right direction. It’s perfectly in line with our commitment to help designers continuously accelerate their development cycles,” said Creaform’s VP of innovation and technologies, Marco St-Pierre, in a statement. “Creaform is accomplishing this mission through the development of truly portable, user-friendly, accurate 3D measurement devices. Now Geomagic is doing it with its new Geomagic Spark.”

Spark is the result of a collaboration between Geomagic and what the company labels “the leader in 3D direct modeling,” SpaceClaim. The companies’ close partnership began, the release said, when Geomagic introduced its initial SpaceClaim integration in the 2012 release of Geomagic Studio. “After a successful launch and positive user feedback, both realized that a fully integrated application would change the landscape of designing from 3D scans. This resulted in the creation of a new application: Geomagic Spark.”

“Geomagic Spark, in a single application, introduces a whole new paradigm for the capture/modify/make process. It can be used by CAD professionals but, more importantly, by the millions of manufacturing engineers who are not CAD experts,” said Tom Kurke, president and COO, Geomagic, in a statement. “The high level of support, technical expertise and the quality API from SpaceClaim allowed Geomagic Spark to come to market quickly. Geomagic Spark is the industry’s most innovative platform for super-fast creation of manufacturable CAD models from scan and mesh data.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Geomagic as it introduces the breakthrough combination of modern 3D direct modeling with state-of-the-art scanning, point cloud and mesh editing capabilities in Geomagic Spark,” said Chris Randles, president and CEO of SpaceClaim, in the same release. “Geomagic Spark is a perfect example of how SpaceClaim is enabling engineers in many different disciplines to work in 3D without having to be CAD experts.”

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