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August 5, 2011

The value of educating the market

So, you’re a service provider. You’re a company that dove in early to 3D data capture, and you’re thus one of the evangelists out there spreading the gospel of 3D data’s utility. You know better than anyone how much education remains to be done. So, what do you do? Do you bemoan the lack of vision and forward-thinking being shown by your potential clients, the asset owners? Or do you take on the mantle of educating those asset owners, one at a time, if necessary?

If you’re GDM, a surveying firm based in Nashville and Dallas, you do the latter.

Sam Billingsley, one of our industry’s forward thinkers (his virtual reality presentation at SPAR was very well received), sent along this little video the other day, the first in a series of videos that will help educate their clients, and potential clients, and hopefully help the industry as a whole get more traction. 

What does it do well? It shows as well as tells, and presents real-world examples of the utility of point clouds. Plus, Billingsley, who’s got a background as a musician, does a hell of a job narrating the piece. (I know from experience that’s no easy task.)

Why is it worth doing? It probably doesn’t need explaining, but if asset owners feel that they can learn from you as a service provider, you become their partner. You become invaluable. You make them look smarter to their bosses, both when they can explain the value of complicated technology and when they show all kinds of cost savings when they actually take advantage of that new technology. Plus, educators are thought leaders. If you’re choosing between two service providers, are you going to choose the thought leader, or the me-too guy?

Take a gander. Could your firm be doing something similar? What else could you be doing so that the calls you make aren’t quite so cold when you’re talking about laser scanning and 3D data capture?


As an aside, if you’re not making use of YouTube to show off your fly-throughs and project work in general, it’s time for you to get on the YouTube train. GDM has a great YouTube channel, with videos that have been viewed more than 12,000 times. Who knows who might be out there searching for point cloud videos? Maybe your next client.

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