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August 31, 2016

DesignSpace Knows How VR Users Feel About Your Design

Architects, designers, and city planners just got a powerful new tool in VR.

DesignSpace, developed as part of the AEC Hackathon in London in 2016, is a cloud-based VR solution that adds a powerful set of tools designed specifically for prototyping ideas in 3D. It looks something like a Photoshop for designing cities in virtual reality.

One tool allows the user to sketch a simple model in 3D, which is then mated to the model so it can be rotated while preserving its scale. Another tool allows users to place basic blocks on the model and pull a slider to simulate times of day and perform shading studies.

Most fascinating is an analytics toolbox the team recently hacked together. When designers use DesignSpace for demonstrating models of public spaces to the public, the program can now record data about their gaze and movement. This data is uploaded to a server, where architects and planners can view and replay the walkthroughs to understand better how people behave in your design.

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