August 10, 2016

BIM Igloo

Skanska BIM Igloo
The BIM igloo, Source:

Recently, Skansa began working with Welsh Water on their capital delivery framework, bringing in technology like drones and laser scanners to improve operations. That’s expected. However, the alliance has also brought in a “BIM Igloo,” which they describe as a “fully immersive 360-degree visualization platform”

“[The BIM Igloo] has allowed us to reduce design work during the construction and handover period and it’s allowed us to engage earlier with our supply chain,” said Welsh Water head of capital delivery alliance Nick Parkin to Construction News. “Another advantage is that we’ve been able to bring these designs to life and allow our operations team to see the design, virtually walk around it, and have input into the design for its long-term operation. Having their buy-in is a great move forward.”

It sounds like a cross between an IMAX theater and a virtual reality device. Check it out below.

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