August 12, 2020

PointCab partners with Seiler Design Solutions to expand the reach of their 'universal point cloud solution'


PointCab, a German software company specializing in point cloud processing, has announced a partnership with Seiler Design Solutions. The partnership will expand PointCab’s reach as well as to provide additional support for US-based customers.

PointCab has made a name for itself with several different software suites that are designed to compliment scanning workflows from a variety of capture hardware, including handheld scanners, UAV-mounted units and mobile mapping. Their point cloud processing products provide a smooth workflow from the input of the scan through to finished CAD drawings or other 3D models. As a whole, PointCab can assist in bringing point clouds into more usable formats, while also simplifying the process that would normally be needed to get there.

Able to take in any point cloud format, PointCab’s software can generate anything from detailed 2D plans and sections to 3D building or landscape models. For surveyors, in particular, the suite offers the ability for a unification of collected data, rather than using hardware-specific processing software or different software for different scans.

The PointCab software is compatible with all current CAD systems and is used in many areas such as architecture, building industry, geodesy, civil engineering, monument protection and facility management.

PointCab’s approach has traditionally been to make a streamlined and “universal” solution that could be used by point cloud users from surveying, mapping and AEC. Throughout their development, they have worked with their users to complement their existing needs and workflows. In 2016, it was announced that PointCab would be compatible with SLAM point clouds, and a partnership with GeoSLAM soon followed in 2017.

For AEC users who work with Revit, there is also a plugin that facilitates getting point cloud data into Revit. This latest partnership announcement with Seiler will provide an even broader base of support to existing customers, as well as bringing PointCab’s software to new users.

For Seiler, the partnership is a good fit for their existing portfolio. As distributors of laser scanners and as Autodesk Gold Partners, Seiler is positioned to provide tools for the full scan-to-BIM workflow. Lanny Schnipper, Vice President of Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Company, Inc., says that the benefits to the partnership are clear.

“By adding PointCab to our portfolio we’re adding a fast and incredibly easy to use workflow that links point cloud to BIM and is tailored to our customers’ needs. It’s the perfect fit and we’re excited to go out and show our customers how it benefits their work.”

Richard Steffen, CEO of PointCab adds: “We started our mission to facilitate point cloud processing in Germany and Europe. Now, with the help of Seiler we are introducing our workflow to the U.S. We’re thrilled Seiler has entered this partnership with us and will take over the customer service & support for the U.S. They’re as dedicated as we are and we couldn’t think of anyone better for this task.”

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