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August 5, 2013

Z+F OEM-supplies Pentax brand with high-speed laser scanners


Japan-based TI Asahi said it needs phase-based scanners ‘to meet versatile demands of its customers’

Terrestrial laser scanner pioneer Zoller + Froehlich GmbH said it signed a deal to OEM-supply its Z+F Imager 5010C and 5010 laser scanners under the Pentax brand for TI Asahi Co., Ltd., the maker of Pentax surveying instruments and GNSS products.

Under terms of the deal, Germany-based Z+F, represented in 40 countries with U.S. and U.K. subsidiaries, and the inventor of phase-shift based laser scanners, is OEM-supplying the Pentax S-3180V, S-3180, S-3080 3D scanners and the S2100 2D scanner, which is based on the 2D version of the Z+F Profiler 5010.

The Pentax S-3180V and S-3180 are replicas of Z+F’s Imager 5010C and 5010 high-accuracy, phase-based scanners, featuring a measurement rate of over one million points per second while combining close-range and mid-range applications due to its range of up to 187 meters.

Like the 5010C, the S-3180V features a fully integrated color digital camera featuring 80 million pixels to produce high-quality, low noise, high dynamic range (HDR), 360-degree panoramic images.

Japan-based TI Asahi said the decision to enter into the OEM supply agreement for both 3D and 2D scanners and application-specific software was “to meet versatile demands of its customers and, thereby, further expand its prosperous business.”

“We believe each models of scanners will meet strong customer demand for more reliable, accurate and productive products,” said Tetsuya Kata of TI Asahi’s international sales department.

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