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August 12, 2015

Leica Rents Out Their Scanners Now


Last week, Leica Geosystems announced a new rental program for customers in the US and Canada. The program offers a selection of Leica measurement tools, including laser scanners as well as total stations, multi-stations, GPS/GNSS solutions and other tools.

The rentals are available for a single day or multiple months, and Leica has stated that all equipment is maintained by certified technicians. The rentals will be offered through Leica’s Solutions Center stores and a selection of distribution partners. The rentals are available for local pickup or shipping.

“For many firms, renting is a great way to go when additional equipment is needed for a project,” says Leica Geosystems Rental Manager Jeff Hull in a prepared statement. “Instead of a capital expense, rental of the technology becomes an operational expense that can be transferred to the project, rather than absorbed.

Hull also noted that a rental scheme is a good way to try out a new technology before purchasing it. Such a rental program may help those who are interested in testing the possibilities of 3D laser scanning but lack the funds or buy-in to purchase a unit.

Through their online storefront, Leica offers a consultation before purchase. Visitors to the site will enter their ZIP code and be connected to a local consultant who assists in selecting the right equipment and provides information on set up and use. Leica also offers consultation services throughout the duration of the rental.

On the P20 ScanStation page, Leica offers the scanner for 2 day rentals, weekly rentals, or monthly rentals. The price includes shipping as well as batteries, chargers, cables, etc. Suggested add-ons include software like Leica Cyclone, a target kit, target poles and tripods, and an upside down mount.

For users who are less certain about what to rent, pre-selected hardware packages are also available. The P20 ScanStation Plant HDS package, for instance, includes the ScanStation and the target kit. Leica also offers rent-to-own options, which allow users to apply the rental fees towards a full purchase of the gear.

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