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March 31, 2015

Viametris Releases Upgraded iMMS


This week, to coincide with SPAR International 2015, VIAMETRIS announced an upgrade to the iMMS, what they call “the first solution to scan indoors while simply walking.” The iMMS, an indoor mapping system mounted on a cart, records measurement data and panoramic photos as you walk through a space.

The most important update to the original system, Marketing and Product Designer Luc-Olivier Lafueille told SPAR, is the presence of an AHRS sensor, which measures attitude and is directly synchronized to all of the other sensors. The sensor, he explains, “corrects all the environmental noises generated by the vibrations of the moving cart,” vibrations that are caused by tiles or grout on the floor. But it will also help prevent users from using the cart in spaces that would normally cause problems–such as on a floor that is not flat enough.

Among other improvements, the system also features improved ergonomics to help correct for “bad behaviors that produce some physical difficulties for the operator,” as well as a new tablet display that offers better view in any conditions. VIAMETRIS claims the system will allow for 8 hours of use without stop.

iMMS has been updated to respond to the feedback of users, who asked for a modular system that would be easier to take apart and transport. Lafueille said it would be easier to move around on airplanes than the first iMMS, which was too big and not designed to be shipped by freight. “Furthermore,” he added, “the all-in-one unit was difficult to carry in some little urban-styled cars or into old buildings,” which VIAMETRIS’ customers attempt to scan frequently.

Lafueille explains that the modular system has an added benefit: it allows for easier upgrades, and allows VIAMETRIS to respond more easily to frequent requests for custom solutions. Now, with the change of only the necessary pieces, for instance swapping out the included sensor for a specialized sensor, the iMMS can be customized to operate in special environments. Clients will also be able to repair only the parts of the system that are necessary.

In a statement VIAMETRIS noted that “because hardware is always closely related to software, this new version will be delivered with PPiMMS 2.0, which will be released in the next months. Thanks to innovative filters, the iMMS will no more be forced to have 2D trajectories, and will allow real 2.5D point clouds and images positioning to help surveyors in most of their projects.”

The new system is on display at VIAMETRIS’ booth at SPAR International 2015 from March 31st to April 2nd.

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