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October 7, 2016

Trimble's SX10 is a LiDAR Scanner and a Total Station in One


Trimble has announced the release of the SX10 Scanning Total Station. The device is an all-in-one solution that combines 3D LiDAR scanning, total station measurement, and the Trimble VISION imaging technology into a single device.

The SX10 is different from other scanning total stations in that Trimble has integrated the optical scanning hardware inside the telescope of the SX10.

This configuration enables surveyors to gather camera images as well as precise 3D measurement in the field without adding any steps to their traditional surveying workflows. Trimble explains that surveyors will no longer have the need for a dedicated 3D scanner, which will produce faster ROI, save on operational costs, and allow businesses to expand into new applications.

“Anywhere we’re adding more context without spending more time,” says Todd Steiner, marketing director of optical instruments, “we provide you benefit by providing both visual context but also scanning detail.”

trimble-sx10-2Specs and Compatibility

The SX10 measures at 26,600 points per second, with a 360° by 300° field of view. It scans at a range of 600 meters, with a spot size of 14 millimeters at 100 meters.

Trimble touts the SX10 as having no learning curve, since it integrates directly with the Trimble software that their customers are already using.

“In the field you will be using the SX10 with our flagship software Trimble Access,” says Boris Skopljak, product manager for Trimble Business Center. “Once you’re back in the office, you will simply drag and drop your field files either into Trimble Business Center or Trimble RealWorks.”


Some might be concerned that a 3D scanner integrated into the telescope of a total station might not be precise enough for “real” scanning work. Gregory Lepe, market manager for optical instruments addresses this concern, explaining that the focus should be on the quality of the data “and what you can do with it.”

An SX10 used for road survey

An SX10 used for road survey

So, what can you do with it? Trimble explains that the device is appropriate for use for any kind of survey, including traditional survey, topographic survey, corridor survey, volumetrics, and even infrastructure or structure as-builts.

Here’s an example that illustrates how the SX10 can enable a surveyor to gather all necessary information in one go. During roadway/corridor surveys, Trimble says you can begin by “scanning road corridors and lane striping,” then move on to “capture critical measurements such as flow-lines, manholes, and right-of-way monumentation with prism observations and use these back in the office to define critical engineering elements of your survey. Add detailed imagery to provide site context, improving communications between field and office teams.”

The SX10 is available for order now through Trimble’s geospatial distribution network.

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