June 27, 2024

Trimble Releases New R980 GNSS System

The newest GNSS system from Trimble focuses on integration with other key tools and what they refer to as “seamless” connectivity.
Two workers standing next to the R980 GNSS System
Image via Trimble

Trimble is, of course, among the biggest names in the geospatial, surveying, and AEC sectors, releasing both hardware and software of all kinds to support those industries. That said, one of the key products for their core customers continues to be GNSS systems to ensure surveyors are working with maximum accuracy. To that end, the company announced last week the release of the Trimble R980 GNSS system, which they say unlocks peak accuracy and productivity for land surveyors with proven GNSS performance.

In their release of this news, Trimble highlights two key areas where the R980 system separates itself from the competition: Connectivity and integration. On that latter point, they note that the system brings together a number of Trimble GNSS technologies, including the company’s ProPoint GNSS positioning engine and their TIP technology, its built-in tilt compensation tool. All in all, they say these features “make it possible to work in dense urban environments and under tree canopy, removing the need to level the pole when capturing data points.”

Connectivity at the heart

Above all else, the most significant feature built into the R980 GNSS system, at least judging from the company’s release, is its connectivity. This, of course, makes sense as it’s really the core of any GNSS system – they only really work if they have strong, consistent connectivity to the satellite constellations. To that end, the system’s communication capabilities include a dual-band UHF radio and an integrated worldwide LTE modem for receiving corrections from a local base station or VRS network. 

Surveyor with a Trimble R980 GNSS system
Image via Trimble

The system’s communication capabilities also allow for flexibility on the user’s part with an ability to operate on 450 MHz, 900 MHz, or LTE bands, allowing for connectivity for any site condition and environment. The LTE modem replaces the 3G version in previous models, which is significant given the sunsetting of 2G and 3G networks that can lead to more work disruptions. 

Trimble highlights a few other integrations of their other technologies for the system to boost its connectivity abilities. For example, they point to support for the Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) for streaming RTK corrections using Trimble Access field software. They say the feature “introduces new connected workflows, enabling greater ease of use and enhanced productivity by making it possible to collect data without disruption caused by physical radio limitations,” ultimately providing greater flexibility.

Notably, the receiver also includes Trimble’s IonoGuard technology, a recently released tool from the company that works to compensate for disturbances caused by activity in our ionosphere. This is a phenomenon we recently discussed with Trimble’s Stuart Riley, and one that is of growing concern as GNSS-based workflows become more common across different industries.

That increased usage of GNSS systems across industries – including spaces like agriculture and mining, along with more traditional sectors like surveying and construction for which demand is increasing – means that these kinds of wholesale improvements are massively important for the industry. Accurate location is vital to this work, and that can only be ensured if connectivity is trusted, particularly in remote areas. That’s the promise of this new system from Trimble, which ultimately combines so many of the company’s other recent innovations and improvements within a single system for maximum accuracy and, ultimately, reliability.

“The new features of the R980, built on top of the proven Trimble R12i track record, deliver productivity gains that translate to cost and time savings. Our customers count on us to provide the highest levels of performance and reliability, and we will always strive to improve those gains day after day, year after year,” said Boris Skopljak, vice president, geospatial at Trimble, in a statement. “With more options to choose the best method for collecting data, more efficient workflows made possible in more locations, and trusted results, the R980 is ideal for the most demanding survey tasks. With the launch of the R980, along with the recently released Trimble R580, Trimble R780 model 2 and the Trimble Catalyst solution, Trimble offers a complete GNSS system portfolio designed to meet the varying needs of our customers.”

The Trimble R980 GNSS system is available now, and includes a 12-month subscription to Trimble Centerpoint RTX real-time corrections, delivered via satellite or internet.

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