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December 12, 2018

Topcon releases vertical construction firmware update for GLS-2000 scanner, new ClearEdge workflows


Last month, Topcon Positioning Systems released a firmware update for its GLS-2000 family of scanners. In keeping with the trend of 3D vendors doubling down on the construction vertical, Topcon’s firmware update for the close-, middle-, and long-range versions of the GLS-2000 scanner will include workflows designed specifically for construction applications.

Most notably, the firmware includes a setting called “Close High Power” that enables more detailed capture when scanning complex objects like HVAC, piping, and metallic materials.

Topcon says that this workflow will enable users to capture highly detailed data for use in ClearEdge’s automatic modeling software, Edgewise, or its construction validation software, Verity. Since ClearEdge is a relatively recent acquisition for Topcon, the company says the new firmware update “completes an optimized end-to-end workflow” for vertical construction applications.

Other features included in the firmware: 30% faster target scanning and a feature that allows users to scan Topcon ATP robotic prisms so they can sight from any angle without turning the prism.

The firmware upgrade is now available. Click here for more information about the GLS-2000 series scanners, or ClearEdge’s portfolio of solutions.

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