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July 21, 2014

Three Part Webinar Series Announced: Existing Building Documentation for Owners


Building documentation challenges and case studies from facilities owners will be presented in an upcoming 3-part webinar series. The series is complimentary, and we invite you to participate.

The goal is to bridge owners’ and service providers’ understanding of current and newer building documentation applications for facilities lifecycle planning including GIS, Point Clouds, BIM, and other data collection, authoring and management  tools.  Also included will be current standards, processes, workflows and technologies and how these can be integrated to meet owners’ downstream needs.


Webinar 1: What Owners Need to Know about Getting their Existing Buildings Documented
August 20, 2014; 12PM Central Time  
This webinar includes presentations from industry leading service and technology providers with broad experiences with 3D Imaging/laser scanning/ disto laser measuring tools and technology, best practices and lessons learned.  Also included, will be a brief summary of how IFMA, USIBD and SPAR are working together to achieve these goals.


Webinar 2: What Building Owners and Managers Really Need from Building Documentation & How Service Providers can Best Deliver, from the Owner’s Perspective
October 15, 2014; 12PM Central Time   
What building owners and managers really need from building documentation and how service providers can best deliver, from the owner’s perspective.  This presentation will illustrate the downstream benefits of 3D capture as part of an overall facilities and data management strategy.
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Webinar 3:  Review of the Many Available Standards and some Next-Generation Workflows and Technologies
December 17, 2014; 12PM Central Time
Review the many available standards and some next-generation workflows and technologies as well as the realities of how GIS, Point Clouds, BIM, and other various data collection, authoring and management tools available today can and are being used to facilitate meaningful data.  And more importantly, how that data becomes information.
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Webinar series presented by alliance partners:

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