February 1, 2023

Aerial Mapping experts BAAM.Tech announces two partnerships to start 2023

The company will be North American distributors for both Terrasolid and RIEGL USA.

Over the last few years, BAAM.Tech has undergone a bit of a shift in their business, but remains one of the top names for the drone surveying industry. Once an OEM specializing in the UAV aerial mapping space, they’ve since been acquired by Alynix, and more recently have shifted towards being a one-stop shop for surveying firms of any size, partnering with many of the biggest names in the industry. As they put it, the crux of what they do is to “help customers get to the deliverables they need and to anticipate future bottlenecks.”

The company has further cemented their place in the industry with two big partnerships to start 2023. First, they announced that they will be the North American software distributor for point cloud and image processor Terrasolid. That was followed up with a recent announcement that they will be the North American dealer for RIEGL USA’s mobile laser scanning solutions.

Starting with the Terrasolid news, which was announced in December but officially began at the start of 2023, the move makes BAAM.Tech the official North American distributor of one of the biggest point cloud and image processing software solutions. Per the release, BAAM.Tech “will assume sales, license renewals, and technical support services for the entire line of Terrasolid software products for North America.” Terrasolid’s solution includes five main products – TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraPhoto, TerraMatch, and TerraStereo – and when bundled together and integrated with Bentley Systems’ software, can provide an end-to-end data processing workflow.

This partnership further positions BAAM.Tech to be a true provider of every piece of the aerial mapping and surveying process. Of course, acquiring the right hardware is a big piece of that puzzle, but the processing can sometimes be overlooked. Here, BAAM.Tech has aligned themselves with one of the biggest software providers on the market, while the Finland-based Terrasolid gets a distributor with knowledge of the North American market to help increase their footprint there.

In a prepared press statement, BAAM.Tech president Ben Lindner said, “We’re thrilled to reach this agreement with Terrasolid, as it positions us with leaders in the geospatial industry. Going forward, our investments in the expansion of our technical support and training capabilities will be a valuable resource to Terrasolid’s customers. We are committed to providing our customers with education and resources to provide the greatest value to their workflow and organizations.”

Arttu Soininen, Head of Software Development at Terrasolid, added, “We are excited to form this new partnership to strengthen our presence in North America at a time when the point cloud industry is growing strongly. Our common goal is to serve all North American professionals in the point cloud field and help them produce better point cloud end products. We are confident that BAAM.Tech’s strong experience in the field helps us to reach this goal.”

More recently, BAAM.Tech also added to their available hardware with the partnership with RIEGL USA. RIEGL is, of course, one of the biggest names in laser scanning hardware, and BAAM.Tech will specifically be working with the company’s mobile laser scanning (MLS) portfolio, which includes the VMY-1 and VMY-2, and the VMQ-1HA, along with RIEGL cameras, software bundles, and other accessories. Per the press release announcing the strategic partnership, the initial focus for BAAM.Tech will be to expand RIEGL’s reach in the Midwest.

Given RIEGL’s wide array of products, both specifically within their mobile laser scanning platform and even more so stretching beyond that, it can be intimidating for relatively new players in the space to maximize value and choose the right products. BAAM.Tech’s knowledge of the market and the RIEGL products will help bridge that gap and bring in customers who otherwise may have gone in a different direction.

That is, at least, the hope for RIEGL. The company’s MLS Division Manager, Joshua France, said, “BAAM.Tech has positioned themselves well as an established source of knowledge in the geospatial community helping guide companies through the dynamic world of surveying technology to not only accomplish their work but to grow their business in the geospatial sector.  We look forward to a successful partnership and are happy to welcome them to our Mobile division team.”

Lindner added, “Our new business partnership with RIEGL allows us to support new clients with advanced mobile scanning technologies, which are rapidly emerging in the AEC, transportation, utility, and infrastructure markets. The BAAM.Tech team is ready to provide technical support and end-user training programs that allow our clients to maximize their hardware investments. We couldn’t be happier about this new collaboration.”

That recognition of the growing usage of these tools by the AEC industry, among others, is a key for what BAAM.Tech appears to be building. There are going to be a lot of new players entering the space as customers, and it’s a space in which new customers certainly need assistance. BAAM.Tech offers that with a suite of both hardware and software, now including two more of the biggest names in the industry, along with professional training. 

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