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July 23, 2013

Surphaser scanner targets intermediate range market


Basis Software’s latest hemispherical scanner builds on 100HSX, generating 1.2 mil’ points/second scan rate

Basis Software, Inc. on Tuesday rolled out an “IR” (intermediate range) version of its 100HSX laser scanner, which was introduced to the short to medium range scanner market at the 2013 SPAR International Conference in Colorado Springs, Colo., in April.

The Redmond, Wash.-based company markets its line of Surphaser laser scanners for use in reverse engineering, dimensional control, historical preservation, architecture, and forensics. It also supplies OEM products to laser scanner manufacturers.

Basis said the 100HSX-IR incorporates the HSX100 platform, which can generate scan rates of up to 1.2 million points per second, with characteristics specifically tailored for intermediate range (1-35 meters) scanning with thermal and environmental stability.

Surphaser laser scanners have a reputation for extremely clean point clouds for automated modeling and dimensional control applications. The 100HSX-IR also has nearly double the range noise of the Surphaser 25HSX-IR, allowing a wider range of distance/surface combinations, available onboard controls, and battery power,” Basis said in a release.

The 100HSX-IR is sold in two configurations: the 100HSX-IR-Lite and the 100HSX-IR-PC, which adds a battery adapter, two batteries, and a built in PC for onboard control of scanning operations. Both configurations are shipped with the 100HSX-IR scanner and Basis’ SurphExpress Software Suite.

Basis announced the release of its latest hemispherical laser scanner at the 2013 Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CSMC). A request for more information from Basis was not immediately returned.

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