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January 9, 2013

Spheron releases 64-bit SceneCenter update


WALDFISCHBACH-BURGALBEN, Germany – Spheron-VR, a maker of HDR camera technology and 3D content management software, announced this week the availability of SceneCenter v1.5 from the company’s SceneWorks software division, which includes new support for a full 64-bit Windows OS environment (with continued support for 32-bit installations).

This latest version of the company’s SceneCenter Forensic and SceneCenter Framework visual content management software offers the production for virtual onsite scene documentation, with “tailored solutions for areas such as Police Crime Scene forensic documentation, Security, Critical Infrastructure and also Industrial Industries such as Plant, Construction and other Visual Asset Management applications,” the company said in a press release.

At its core, SceneCenter allows users to connect spherical imagery, take 3D photogrammetric measurement and interconnect other digital asset information.

You can see a demonstration of the software’s use for regulatory compliance from the most recent SPAR Europe conference here.

SceneWorks SceneCenter is available in both Standalone mode or as a Client/Server based solution, allowing for real-time updates over a secure internet connection, the company said. 

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