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May 3, 2017

Speedy, Efficient 3D Data Processing for any 3D Capture Solution


In 2017 we’re starting to see an explosion in the number of hardware solutions that will generate a point cloud. The influx of data that is set to come out of 3D-scanning cars, tablets, UAVs, and smartphones means we are going to need better processing technologies. In other words, we need solutions that are going to take that data and make it useful, and faster than ever before.

That means companies like CurvSurf will be crucial to the future of 3D. The South Korean company has developed an algorithm that can recognize objects in 3D point clouds. What’s more, it’s so fast and efficient that it works real-time with a live sensor feed, and can run on an AR device.

For more details about what the FindSurface algorithm can do, see our conversation below.

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