May 11, 2016

Skycatch Releases iOS Mapping App for DJI Drones


Skycatch has announced the launch of COMMANDER, their iOS app built for DJI drones. COMMANDER is designed to automate the process of performing professional-grade data capture using the latest DJI drones. Skycatch says “now anyone with a DJI drone can easily create high-resolution maps and 3D models in just a few taps.”

COMMANDER works like this: You outline the area you want to map and the software handles the mission autonomously, from takeoff to landing. It simplifies the process by placing waypoints, determining how fast to fly, and at what altitude, and calculating necessary overlap for the best photogrammetric results.

The software also include a geo-fencing algorithm to keep the drone within the flight area you have selected. Skycatch notes that this function is crucial for job sites that border no-fly zones, have an irregular shaper, or may be near “sensitive areas.”

Once the capture is complete, the images are automatically processed into high-resolution maps and 3D models that can be accessed using the Skycatch Dashboard.

According to Skycatch’s blog post, COMMANDER includes the following features:

  • Step by step In-App Guidance
  • Location search and stay-in-area flight routing
  • Live video feed for FPV
  • Multiple flight support
  • Convenient organization of missions
  • Flight statistics
  • Automatic drone detection and system checks
  • Easy Flight monitoring

For more in-depth information about these features, see Skycatch’s Features Overview website.

According to Skycatch, their partnerships with firms like Komatsu, Bechtel, and Clayco, Skycatch helped them to develop simpler UAV mapping solutions with a better user experience. This work fed directly into the release of COMMANDER.

COMMANDER is available today for download in the iTunes store, at a price of $3.99.

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