March 7, 2007

Shipbuilding: 3D Laser Scanning for Acquisition, Maintenance, Modernization, Damage Assessment


How the Navy is using 3D laser scanning to improve its design chain processes – acquisition, maintenance, modernization and catastrophic damage assessment – will be described at SPAR 2007 by Robert L. Stout, IEDP (Improved Engineering Design Process) Program Sponsor and FMP Logistics/Ordalts Program Manager, NAVSEA, U.S. Navy, and Brian Tilton, Program Manager, SIS, Inc. Key to this activity is a discipline only now taking shape in much of the laser scanning domain – using technical data management software and methods to get the most value from scan data and derivatives across programs and asset lifecycles. 

Eddie Hodges, Accuracy Control Section Manager at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, will describe how his company adopted 3D laser scanning to help its accuracy control activity evolve from conventional to 3D survey methodologies. Hodges will review the workflow used in shipcheck (documenting existing conditions), the value of 3D laser scanning for virtual fit-up, challenges encountered in implementing the new technology and how these are being overcome.

Separately, a just-completed National Shipbuilding Research Program project led by Electric Boat documented that laser scanning can yield 37% cost savings and 39% time savings in shipcheck data capture and post-processing compared with traditional methods – details in a coming SparView.

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