October 1, 2018

Shining 3D announces two wireless handheld 3D scanners


China-based Shining 3D recently announced two new wireless handheld 3D scanners at the International Manufacturing Trade Show (IMTS) 2018. With an extensive background in the 3D digitizing and printing industry, the company owns a wide range of products for distinct applications, including industrial manufacturing, education, bio-medical treatment, and more.

The two brand-new products are a step up from the previous FreeScan X5 and X7 metrology 3D scanners, with the main upgrade being on portability. The X5+ and X7+ incorporate a wireless computational processing unit, “AirMaster”, which provides users with a cable-free experience. Additionally, it includes a built-in heterogeneous multi-core SOC processor, which offers image-data calculation completely driven by the hardware.

Moreover, both the X5+ and X7+ feature a scanning part size from 0.1 up to 8 meters, and provide 3 hours of continuous operation or 12 hours of standby time. To increase productivity and help to scan large objects and scenes, both scanners can display data in real-time on a smartphone or tablet.

The X7+ scans 480,000 points per second with 0.030mm accuracy, while the X5+ scans 350,000 points per second with 0.035mm accuracy. Also,

Shining 3D’s scanners are compatible with various 3D metrology software solutions, including Geomagic Design X and Control X, PointShape Inspector, Verisurf, Rhinoceros, and Mesh2Surface.

Earlier this year, the company demoed the previous version of the FreeScan X5 Handheld Laser Scanner for an inspection process of an auto radiator. After 2 minutes of scanning, Shining 3D acquired the complete 3D data and imported it into Geomagic’s software for analysis, design and recommended modifications. When compared to conventional inspection tools, the FreeScan X5 handheld laser 3D scanner proved it can capture complex organic surfaces in a very short time, with speed and high accuracy.

(The video below showcases the previous non-wireless Freescan version.)

The FreeScan X5+ & X7+ are now available for pre-order, and will ship in November 2018. To get additional information about the products, or its price, you can contact Shining 3D.

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