July 1, 2024

Breakthrough In Subsurface Imaging With New GS9000 Multichannel GPR

Image via Screening Eagle

The wait is over for geospatial professionals relying on ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to scan and map the subsurface environment. Screening Eagle technologies' innovative multichannel GPR system, GS9000 has just released its highly anticipated app, revolutionizing subsurface data collection and analysis in the field.

Traditionally, multichannel GPR users have been challenged with a cumbersome workflow with limitations on data processing, visualization and sharing. This new app changes the workflow entirely. By leveraging the power of the new app, users can enjoy:

  • Live tomography: See buried objects forming on a map as you walk over them. No waiting time, all georeferenced.
  • Intuitive data: Have complex data presented in an understandable way. All needed tools to interpret and digitize the reality on site.
  • Simple gestures: Interact with the user interface with simple, familiar gestures and full control at your fingertips.
  • Instant sharing: Get your field projects, reports and drawings to your colleagues and clients in just one click.

This app release marks a significant leap forward in multichannel GPR technology”, says Gorka Santamaria, Senior Product Manager of Screening Eagle Technologies. “Having multichannel data processed live and automatically translated into intuitive tomographic visualizations hugely simplifies data interpretation on site.

The GS9000 multichannel GPR system, coupled with the new app, offers a multitude of benefits for professionals in various sectors including Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), geophysical surveys, structural monitoring of bridges, concrete structures and roadways, archaeology and forensic explorations.

The field software also boasts incredible new capabilities for live image processing, including the option to display raw as well as migrated tomographic maps, a new dynamic gain algorithm with sensitivity filter, full depth range adjustment, and image normalization.

The app is now available for download on the iPad Pro. Screening Eagle is confident this innovative solution will empower GS9000 multichannel GPR users to achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy in their subsurface investigations.

Screening Eagle Technologies are also hosting a free live webinar on easy GPR scanning with the GS9000 Multichannel GPR on July 10 for those who want to expand their knowledge on the latest tech.

Source: Screening Eagle

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