February 24, 2021

New web-based app seeks to make enterprise AR content creation as 'easy as PowerPoint'

Scope AR’s new solution aims to fill a critical gap in tech for enterprise AR: user-friendly authoring tools.
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Scope AR, specialists in enterprise-class augmented reality (AR) solutions, announced today the launch of WorkLink Create, a new web-based application for quickly creating and sharing AR content within the workplace. By focusing on making AR content creation a coding-free and straightforward process, Scope AR hopes to broaden the applications and users of AR across many industries.

Scope AR’s new solution aims to fill a critical gap in tech for enterprise AR: user-friendly authoring tools. Aiming to broaden the use of AR for a variety of applications and end users, WorkLink Create empowers aerospace, medical device and industrial professionals to quickly create their own augmented reality content without any coding or 3D modeling expertise. According to Scope AR CEO Scott Montgomerie, the aim is to create a user-friendly tool that can be used as easily as other consumer applications.

“Using our technology platform, any user can easily author their specific knowledge into WorkLink to be widely consumed for training, complex assembly, and field service troubleshooting.”

With WorkLink Create, the process of AR authorship no longer involves intensive training and coding, but works via a browser-based workflow. The application natively accepts a broad range of CAD file formats and lidar scans.

To create AR content, users of all experience levels log in to WorkLink Create in their browser, open their engineering model files, and can then place them within a mixed reality scene. The users then choose how to animate motion and craft annotated work instructions. The process works in a drag-and-drop, code-free workflow similar to that of slide animations or consumer video editing applications. When the AR content is published to their organization’s secure WorkLink account, it can be immediately consumed on any device with WorkLink installed, including smartphones, tablets and wearables.

A key piece of the enterprise AR workflow

The maturity of AR, especially in the enterprise world, has been a strong trend this year. Both the expansions of applications for AR (from training to remote inspections and more) to the increased accessibility through new devices have brought AR to a new level.

And, it seems that the industry has taken note. Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, Click Bond, Danaher amongst other global enterprises that employ WorkLink Create, Scope AR’s new innovative authoring platform. The company’s device-agnostic platform supports smartphones, tablets and wearables, making it easy for organizations to quickly scale use of AR to any remote technician.

Tatsuya Baba, Executive Manager of NTT DATA Corporation, says the AR tools can help to improve their work in a variety of ways.

“AR empowers us to digitally transform our products, improve processes, and help our people learn and gain new skills. Scope AR’s groundbreaking technology highlights their commitment to helping IT services companies like us succeed with our digital transformation initiatives. WorkLink Create assists in the execution of our scenario development.”

WorkLink Create transforms AR authorship with a revolutionary, browser-based workflow that natively accepts an exceptionally broad range of CAD file formats.

Commercial use cases that have been accelerated include training, commercial education, service and support of advanced medical capital equipment such as robotic surgery, COVID-19 testing equipment and sports medicine.

“WorkLink Create empowers enterprise workforces amidst the unprecedented resource constraints and travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” added Montgomerie.

“We accomplished this by improving on the organizational and technical bottlenecks for AR content, thereby helping our customers to maximize continuity in their operations.”

Additionally, WorkLink has augmented operation for mobile power systems, modular data centers, aerospace manufacturing, aerospace fasteners and more.

“It is just amazing to be at a point where the needs of the use case overlap with the availability of the right technology, and more importantly, the right partner: Scope AR.” said Karl Hutter, CEO of Click Bond.

“We have inspired excitement with common customers, and it’s really the tip of the iceberg where we can take this.”

Lockheed Martin has used Scope AR’s technology in the Orion program to help build the next manned spacecraft into deep space.

“In the past we would have developers spend months developing these types of applications. With Scope AR’s WorkLink platform, we’re bringing this down to 28 minutes, and 4 minutes for an additional panel,” said Shelley Peterson, associate fellow at Lockheed Martin.

“The ramp up time on the platform has also been reduced significantly. We can bring in a new developer, have them go through a half day training online and they can start creating work instructions.”

To learn more about WorkLink Create, please visit: https://www.scopear.com.

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