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December 8, 2009

Sanborn Purchases Optech Lynx Mobile Mapper

Optech Incorporated announced that Sanborn acquired an Optech Lynx V200 Mobile Mapper. The addition extends Sanborn’s pioneering ways of creating digital maps that capture visually and geospatially accurate roads, infrastructure and other assets. As early as 2001, Sanborn has been creating digital maps using VISAT (Video Inertial Satellite) video capture and GPS/IMU technology. The acquisition and deployment of the Optech Lynx V200 Mobile Mapper is a natural extension to the workflows and processes Sanborn has in place for airborne lidar collection and processing.&“The idea of capturing data from both a terrestrial scanner and airborne scanner and its seamless integration is something we envisioned from the inception of the Lynx Mobile Mapper,” said Albert Iavarone, Optech’s business unit manager of Industrial and 3D Imaging. “Sanborn has the knowledge base to quickly and effortlessly fuse both data sets with a rich, dense, complete data set being the deliverable. Optech is excited to have Sanborn expand their business with the Lynx system, and Sanborn’s customer base will be the ultimate winner.”

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