March 7, 2018

RIEGL's VMX-2HA: A lidar mobile mapper for 2018


At ILMF this year, industry regular RIEGL was on hand to show off its latest and greatest mobile scanning system, the VMX-2HA.

According to RIEGL, the system is a refresh of the overall design of the VMX line of mobile scanning systems. In addition to a notably futuristic new design, and updated material components, the system is lighter and more powerful than its predecessors.

As the company explained to SPAR3D, the system offers 2 million measurements and 500 scan lines per second. Perhaps more importantly, the system offers much greater flexibility for image capture, offering users the ability to connect up to 9 cameras for capturing of high-quality georeferenced imagery.

For more information about this system, SPAR3D caught up with RIEGL at ILMF. Check out the videos below.


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