January 21, 2020

RIEGL partners with GeoCue aiming to grow its UAS market presence


RIEGL provides technology for airborne, mobile, terrestrial and unmanned laser scanning, and has been producing lidar systems or over 40 years. In a new agreement, RIEGL will expand their UAS/ULS presence in North America with a strategic OEM partnership with GeoCue Group. GeoCue will be added to the companies that work as RIEGL “integrators” and will promote RIEGL unmanned lidar systems.

GeoCue Group Inc., is known for their software and support services for lidar mapping, including drone mapping, data collection and processing. In the OEM agreement, GeoCue Group will support RIEGL with the introduction of their TrueView 615 and 620 lidar/imagery fusion systems, which are integrated with the newly-introduced RIEGL miniVUX-2UAV miniaturized and unmanned lidar scanner.

This combination provides a dual oblique mapping camera configuration paired with lidar, integrated into a single lightweight payload for use on commercial drone platforms. The True View system allows for automated generation of 3D colorized point clouds, oblique imagery, and orthophotos – all from a single flight.

Lewis Graham, President of GeoCue Group shared his confidence that the partnership is a good match in a press release.

“We have had a lot of experience over many years working with customers of RIEGL’s mobile and airborne laser scanning systems; these products are simply the best on the market for high accuracy and precision. I am extremely pleased to have GeoCue welcomed into the RIEGL OEM family.

My-Linh Truong, ULS/UAS Segment Manager at RIEGL USA shared a similar sentiment.

“GeoCue Group entering into the sUAS LiDAR system integration business is a natural progression, especially as the commercial UAS industry continues to mature and demand high accuracy LiDAR solutions. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”

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