May 18, 2018

Polyga drops HDI Carbon, portable industrial-grade 3D scanner


Today, Canadian firm Polyga announced the release of its new crossover structured-light 3D scanner, the HDI Carbon. The system is designed to offer a combination of low weight and industrial-grade, metrology level results.

The HDI carbon is mounted on a custom carbon fiber frame, bringing the total weight to 1.9kg. The frame holds two two-megapixel machine vision cameras, which overlap for 3D capture. The scanner grabs more than four million polygons per scan, with a quoted accuracy of 50 microns. The cameras can be mounted in two different positions for a 225mm or 600mm diagonal field of view.

The system fills out a middle ground in Polyga’s lineup between the HDI Advance, which offers a selection of three fields of view, and the HDI compact, which offers a single field of view.

Polyga also offers a proprietary 3D scanning software alongside the scanner. FlexScan3D offers functionality for capture, post-processing, deviation analysis, scan merges, and more.

For more information, see Polyga’s website here.

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