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December 18, 2017

Pointfuse for DotProduct launches with free trial, low-cost offer

At INTERGEO back in October, Arithmetica and DotProduct announced they were working to put Pointfuse, an automatic modeling application for point clouds, on DotProduct’s line of handheld scanners.

Last week, Arithmetica announced the release of the software with a free trial and a “festive” discount. Any existing DotProduct customers with active software support and maintenance can get a $200 discount. Other potential users can look forward to a tidy $100 discount.

The offer, which expires on 12/31/17, is available through DotProduct and Arithmetica.

Pointfuse for DotProduct takes the promise of the handheld scanner—field validation, ease of use, assurance you won’t have to return to the site—and brings it one step further by offering functionality that quickly converts your scan to geometry usable within a range of visualization and design programs.

Since Pointfuse includes a number of features that help reduce the file sizes up to 10x, Arithmetica believes it will be useful for a number of emerging applications, such as AR/VR. Historically, point clouds have been difficult to visualize in AR and VR devices given their limited computing, so a “one button” approach like PointFuse could improve the workflow significantly.

For more information, see DotProduct or Arithmetica on the web.

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