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June 25, 2019

Point Clouds too heavy? Create rasters in Revit with a new Undet Plugin

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For those looking to use reality capture technology to generate site measurements and documentation, there are myriad challenges. Point clouds, especially when generated for large-scale projects, can quickly become unwieldy and may result in delays in the modeling process. Aiming to speed up this workflow, Undet, a Terra Modus-owned brand, has released a plugin for Autodesk Revit that can get users to the modeling step faster.

The Undet plugin for Autodesk Revit uses the Undet project file to generate raster image views from point clouds, directly in Revit, which was not possible previously. These smaller file sizes are lighter than the point cloud, which should pave the way for smoother workflows.

Undet hopes to help users by allowing them to work more quickly and with less lag than when loading the heavier RCP files. This is especially helpful during panning and zooming, which can stutter or lag when the files start to get particularly large.

The plugin also allows for the point cloud to be viewed outside of the Revit view range, which can also allow for more control by the user. The raster images that are generated can be set to  different resolutions that will provide different amounts of detail. For example, a lower-resolution ‘preview’ or a very detailed view.

In addition, the coloring mode can be selected by source, intensity or coloring by plane. These different settings can be adjusted to highlight only the areas of interest, which can make visualizing information that’s most relevant to a project easier.

The software is available on Undet’s website includes the Undet Browser, a standalone software with the Undet solutions, including Undet for Revit, Undet for AutoCAD and Undet with Ares Commander.

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