January 30, 2024

‍Placer.ai and Esri Partner to Deliver Geospatial Analytics

Leaders in Location Analytics and Geospatial Technology partner to enable enhanced cross-utilization of products bringing unprecedented capabilities to the market.

Placer.ai, the leader in location analytics, and Esri, the global leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology, today announced a major strategic partnership. The relationship is aimed at enabling new and advanced analytics, allowing customers to leverage the integration of consumer behavior analysis capabilities for site specific and trade area intelligence. The agreement will also trigger collaborations aimed at unlocking additional features by bringing together our respective products.

Retail and commercial property operators are under pressure to maximize their physical presence, and location data and analytics have become a critical piece of this process. The combination of Esri’s ArcGIS system with Placer’s location analytics helps bring this information to life to enable even more effective decision-making. The goal of this partnership is to support the needs of these professionals, accelerating decision-making and improving business performance with integrated solutions that yield analysis seamlessly at scale.

Esri is the global leader in supporting organizations that want to unlock the full potential of data by combining geography and analytics to improve operational and business results.  “Placer.ai has become the industry standard for leveraging location analytics with foot traffic insights.   By integrating this content into Esri’s ArcGIS system, this empowers a level of visualization and decision-making for many organizations that wasn’t possible before,” said Danny Spillmann, Esri Director of Global Business Development. “We believe that the strategic partnership will unlock tremendous value for the business community and serve as a starting point for even more impactful innovation moving forward.”

“Location analytics has fundamentally improved the way businesses and organizations make decisions, and we are constantly expanding upon this critical foundation. From layering in new data perspectives like Psychographics, Transaction, Construction Pipeline and more, to widening the types of questions that can be answered with these analytics. Partnering with Esri is the next step in broadening the vision of what location analytics can accomplish, allowing industry professionals to leverage industry-leading mapping capabilities, better visualize our data, and add significantly more depth to their analysis,” said Koby Ben-Zvi, President and Co-Founder of Placer.ai. “The partnership is centered around a natural synergy between our respective strengths and we look forward to leveraging our enhanced collaboration to redefine what businesses and civic organizations expect from these solutions.”

The companies are currently working on initial product launches while also laying the groundwork for ongoing collaboration on features that would enhance the capabilities of both companies.

Source: Placer.ai

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