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March 24, 2020

Parts scanning accelerated with Hexagon RS-SQUARED Scanner


Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division new scanner is all about productivity and the reduction of time-consuming applications. The RS-SQUARED allows professionals to perform high-speed scans of simple shapes and surfaces, as well as to measure parts faster than conventional laser scanners and even other structured light scanners.

Built to work with Hexagon’s Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems, the RS-SQUARED is a white light scanner and the “first area scanner to not use reference markers in the traditional way”, according to Anthony Vianna, Product Manager for Hexagon’s Absolute Arm. Because the Absolute Arm does the referencing for it, there’s no need for the time-consuming application of reference markers or spray, or for complex mechanical processes such as fringe projection that require a stable environment.

Hexagon’s Absolute Arm 7-Axis is an all-in-one solution for portable 3D measurement, which delivers tactile probing and laser scanning in an ergonomic package. Featuring a configurable wrist, the Absolute Arm allows professionals to exchange the type of tool being used, from probe tips and 3D optical scanners to complete measurement systems designed for specialized applications. For 3D scanning, Hexagon recommends the RS6, for straight-forward high-speed surface and feature digitization, the RS5, for less challenging applications, and now the RS-SQUARED, that also complements the high-accuracy laser scanning of the RS6.

By scanning a 300 by 300 millimeters scan tile, with up to four data tiles every second, the RS-SQUARED covers larger areas faster. For example, a surface that would take an hour to scan with a high-quality laser scanner is digitized in just 10 minutes. In addition, the RS-SQUARED is easy to remove from the Absolute Arm at any time and swapped for another sensor or probe without any need for calibration.

With the launch of the RS-SQUARED, Hexagon also introduced new Control Packs for the Absolute Arm systems. These will deliver useful features such as complete functionality over a single cable cable-free WiFi operation, full battery-powered measurement, making the Absolute Arm even more portable and helping to significantly reduce shop floor clutter.

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