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June 18, 2013

Optech replaces flagship mobile mapper


New Lynx SG1 gives survey-grade precision of 3D data capture at highway speeds

Optech Inc., a manufacturer of advanced lidar and camera survey instruments, said Tuesday it was replacing its flagship mobile mapping product, the Lynx M1, with the Lynx SG1 Mobile Mapper (Survey Grade) for rapid 3D data capture of highways, infrastructure, and buildings.

Toronto-based Optech offers standalone and fully integrated lidar and camera services in airborne mapping, airborne lidar bathymetry, mobile mapping, terrestrial laser scanning, mine cavity monitoring, and industrial process control.

Tech giant Teledyne Technologies Inc. acquired a majority stake in Optech in April 2012 for about $28 million. Optech had sales of almost $55 million for its FY2012.

The Lynx SG1 captures survey-grade, high-accuracy urban environment lidar and image data from vehicles at highway speeds using sensors with multiple perspective lidar imaging and a spherical imaging camera mapping highways, infrastructure, and buildings as well as rail asset management.

The SG1 has a 600-kHz dual sensor head system, collecting up to a combined 1.2 million point measurements per second at spread over an unobstructed 360° field of view.

Previously, the Lynx M1 targeted the survey-grade market, Albert Iavarone, business unit manager at Optech, told SPAR 3D.

But then the company introduced last month its Lynx MG1 (mapping grade) mobile mapper to help it compete for asset management business with other big players in the mapping segment, including Topcon and Trimble.

The 3D data captured by the Lynx MG1 is ideal for mapping projects that require lower absolute accuracy than design engineering projects, Optech said.

The Lynx SG1 system is expected to be available for delivery in conjunction with Optech’s Third Imaging and Lidar Solutions Conference (ILSC) in Toronto June 25-27. For more information or to register, click here.

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