February 22, 2017

Optech Galaxy T1000: Airborne Lidar Built for Savings


Teledyne Optech has announced a new entry in its in Galaxy ALTM line of airborne scanners. The Galaxy T1000 offers a 1000 kHz effective ground measurement rate, effectively doubling the laser pulse repetition rate.

The T1000 system includes an update to the SwathTRAK technology, which changes the scanner’s field of view in real time to ensure an even swath, and uniform point density, even in variable terrain. Optech says the latest update decreases the number of flight lines necessary by up to 70% as compared to traditional sensors with fixed field of view.

Added together, these updates increase the sensor’s collection efficiency and reduce the cost of collection.

For a deeper dive into the Galaxy T1000, I caught up with Teledyne Optech at ILMF 2017. Here’s Optech’s airborne business manager, Michael Sitar, laying out everything this new sensor has to offer:

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