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August 17, 2021

OpenSpace adds free 360° video capture tool to meet the needs of small-scale AEC projects

The cost-free tool is aimed for use in small projects under 10,000 square feet, or where digitization costs might be prohibitive for small firms.

OpenSpace offers a full range of technology-based tools that allow builders the opportunity to create fully integrated digital twins of construction and architecture-based projects. While the suite may have been cost-prohibitive for small business owners and builders who are just searching for the right tools, the new OpenSpace Basic format changes this. This free version of the popular program is now available for use. 

With OpenSpace Basic, professionals can create a digital replica of a job site that is comprehensive and includes all the information they need to begin a digital twin. The 360° video capture tool is the first of its kind to be a free solution for the construction industry. Instead of being a complete redesign with “dumbed down” features, it is essentially a popout of their more comprehensive OpenSpace tool. It works similarly to how it does within the larger set of tools and offers a solution for construction professionals who do not have the financial assets to use the more comprehensive product. 

Industry professionals who opt for this new free version are not tied to it permanently, however. While it is accessible for the short-term, it can then be integrated for use with the more comprehensive system. This means builders will not need to relearn a new system when they’re ready to switch to the paid version. 

The cost-based accessibility of the product doesn’t hinder its ease of use. The camera can be strapped onto a hardhat and the data is collected by simply walking the job site. The builder will need to mark a starting point and then map the project from there. The highly technical AI ensures each image captured can be stitched together with surgical accuracy. 

Once the data is collected, OpenSpace Basic allows builders to view each project digitally. This is the first step toward creating a complete digital twin of a project. The digital project can then be used to coordinate with stakeholders, ensure accuracy with updates to the project and even integrates with paid applications. 

Additionally, those who use OpenSpace Basic will also get access to Field Notes. Builders can use the system to add in any relevant notes about the project and ensure they are in the right place according to the digital replica. Field Notes can also be used to help integrate punch list items.

While OpenSpace Basic is a free tool for builders to use, it does not provide a consumer-grade experience. Instead, it offers technology and integration comparable to the paid tools while also ensuring builders have the opportunity to upgrade later. 

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