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January 24, 2017

New Software Brings Orbit GT’s Mobile Mapping Tech Indoors


Orbit GT has announced the release of Indoor Mapping v17. CEO Peter Bonne says the product is “brand new” software for indoor mapping and surveying applications.

He told SPAR 3D that the software has been developed to help surveyors meet the whole challenge of indoor mapping work without requiring the use of other applications. “Some tools are tied to a specific hardware vendor,” he said, “other tools do great point cloud work but lack image integration, and again other tools have only engineering-grade UI.”

Indoor Mapping v17 bucks the trend by including functions for point cloud and imagery management, as well as a set of tools for “quick and easy creation of floor plans out of indoor mapping data.”

On top of that, the software boasts a range of functions for semi-automatic feature-extraction, enabling users to “extract in 3D any point, line distance, area, and more, and save that as a new feature, e.g., in a GIS layer.”

Bonne explained that the software should feel familiar to Orbit GT users, as it is based on the technology the company has already been using in its mobile and UAV mapping software. “This is the heritage of our years-long work in the mobile mapping space,” says Bonne. “We bring all those technologies to indoor mapping.” He added that “customers that are using one of those tools will easily recognize the user interaction.”

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to wide usability, Orbit GT designed the software to be compatible with “all currently developed” indoor mapping systems. That is, users can import data from any existing indoor mapping hardware using a generic interface, and the software will automatically align imagery and point cloud data.

“It is our strategy and firm belief,” says Bonne, “that software tools should be neutral from the hardware that collects the data. We also believe that our customers may purchase different sets of hardware from different hardware vendors—they have no interest in having a software system for each. Finally, when one looks at the sharing of such information on the internet, no one wants to have a different plugin or website just because a different hardware setup was used. It simply doesn’t make sense.”

The software is available for download immediately. Visit the Orbit GT site for more details.

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